The fresh new OLS estimates towards subsample have line into full try estimates presented inside the Desk 2

The fresh new OLS estimates towards subsample have line into full try estimates presented inside the Desk 2

We estimate Eq. (1) by replacing Dij (Bij) with three different sets of dowry and bride price paid to others (i.e., \( \overlinej>> \) and \( \overlinej>> \) , \( \overline> \) and \( \overline> \) , or the community-based dowry and bride price), and three sets of reduced-form estimation results are presented in Table 4. Each panel presents estimation results of a reduced-form regression with a different set of dowry and bride price paid to others. To be comparable with Panel A, the OLS estimation results with women who have at least one brother and one sister are presented in Appendix Table 8. The reduced-form estimation results support the main OLS estimation results shown in Table 2. That is, women enjoy higher status in the ily that tends to exchange higher dowries and when they come from a higher-dowry village, whereas a larger bride price is negatively associated with these same traits. Here, the amount of bride price paid to the wife’s sisters by their in-laws is significantly negatively associated with the wife’s autonomy. The third set, i.e., the community-based dowry and bride price, does not show any significant association with women’s status. This is likely because relatively weaker association between the community-based dowry (bride price) and the personal dowry (bride price) that the bride receives from her parents (in-laws) than other two sets. The estimates for other coefficients are not inconsistent with those shown in Table 2 and are available upon request.

Dining table 4 Connection ranging from dowry/bride rate (paid off of the into the-laws and regulations off siblings, someone else from the town and community) and you may wife’s status regarding the relationship family (OLS)

4.step 3 Conversation and robustness monitors

In the determining brand new women’s standing regarding the marital home, the outcome of the online dowry (dowry without bride-to-be price) get matter. Note that the degree of deferred mehr is roofed separately away from the online dowry because the former is never paid off unless of course splitting up occurs and should not meet the requirements possessions delivered to your marriage. The outcomes advise that the new possessions delivered to your ount) enhance their own decision-while making power and you will autonomy. Such positive associations are not surprising since the latest connections from fiance rate paid during the time of matrimony manage counter so you’re able to that from dowry in the main estimations.

Possibly, a heightened years otherwise education difference you will weaken the latest wife’s reputation throughout the relationship domestic. And additionally years huge difference as well as training differences (substitution the partner’s years and you will education) cannot affect the fundamental consequences, in addition to coefficients ones variables commonly high (Appendix Dining table nine, Panel B).

This new estimation process was regular by the substitution dowry and you will bride to be rate having internet dowry (Appendix Desk nine, Panel Good)

You to definitely you’ll believe what number of age just like the marriage was important because the result off dowry (otherwise bride speed) could well be greater soon after marriage. Together with ages because the ount away from dowry (substitution female’s ages within relationships) magnifies the beds base aftereffect of dowry into the ladies autonomy but decrease their magnitude together with importance height in the ladies’ decision-making (Appendix Desk nine, Committee C). Meaning one to a bigger dowry increases the wife’s freedom in the latest marital home immediately following wedding; not, the latest relationship is not somewhat affected by the newest passing of filippiner vakre kvinner ages due to the fact relationship.

No way of measuring gender ideology is roofed however estimate due to endogeneity inquiries. One you’ll believe introduction of these tips can get weaken the organization ranging from dowry and you will women’s reputation about marital family. While we don’t reject the chance that needs and you can ideological viewpoints regarding gender interactions commonly built-in and change across the relationship existence, the new estimation techniques are constant by the also a few tips for young man preference: the first adjustable means you to definitely if the wife’s better level of sons is actually more than regarding daughters together with next equals that in the event that spouse wants to bring degree to help you sons instead of in order to daughters. Managing for gender ideology cannot substantially affect the head estimate overall performance (Appendix Dining table 9, Panel D). Interestingly, women’s decision-making try certainly regarding the young man taste. Although not, it’s adversely for the preference getting taking degree so you can sons than daughters. A possible interpretation would be the fact extremely knowledgeable women could be facing gender inequality inside the education and get so much more motivated from the relationship family however, choose having way more sons than daughters. It appears in line with certain present knowledge proving one to young man liking is far more commonplace among highly knowledgeable female rather than uneducated feminine inside the Southern area China (Das Gupta 1987; Muhuri and you can Preston 1991).

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