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Tamar Levine
is actually a fairly cool lady. 1st, she wowed you with

Lose U Like Hell

, this short film about handling the components of a break up that do make us feel insane (honestly, we have


shame-eaten peanut butter from the trash sometime or any other). Subsequently just last year
we had been enamored by #WeAreAllUncool promotion
she performed alongside Nicole Alvarez — you understand usually the one where celebs and regular individuals identical published selfies and confessed individual insecurities on social media? Even though it was actually “uncool,” we thought the movement was quite awful rad. So we were stoked to know about among L.A.-based photographer’s newest tasks, this short movie entitled

It’s Okay


It Really Is Okay

is a brief film featuring
Jenna Fischer (

Any Office

and Thomas Sadoski (

The Newsroom

) playing a hitched few stuck when you look at the daily programs that they have made for themselves. Identified just as “him” and “her,” we observe the happy couple challenge in their own personal how to break from their unique robotic lifestyles, each in their own way. The characters tend to be both relatable in the manner it’s possible for you to occasionally settle into the routines and forget that most importantly of all, interaction is vital in just about any union . . . because otherwise you might find yourself just screaming into the face of monotony, questioning anything you’ve carried out with everything.

Simply a caution: this film might not turn you into need learn the art of diorama, mask-making, and finding the odd satisfaction of seeing eggs sizzle completely in a frying pan (severely, count on us). We are fairly enthusiastic to see exactly what Levine appears with after that.

Decisive link: https://www.doulikes.org/usa/north-carolina/single-women.html

“It Really Is Okay”

Directed by Tamar Levine

Starring Jenna Fischer and Thomas Sadoski

Screenplay by Jacqueline Austin

Dialogue by Neil LaBute

Story by Tamar Levine

Produced by Cyberia Media