Twin Selena Gomez Co-Stars: We Nine-Inch Dicks

Pic: Matteo

After parlaying a viral


mag profile
into a
Selena Gomez motion picture

Spring Breaker

s, Sidney and Thurman Sewell — referred to as
the ATL Twins
— are making a splash at nyc Fashion month. The dual brothers “discuss every little thing,” down seriously to the


dog these were when engaged to “together.” At Olivier Zahm’s


last night, the duo spoke into the Cut about behaving, becoming “gnarlier” than Terry Richardson, and how they are going to eventually “be all Bieber style.”

Real with their normal ”
same individual in 2 figures
” form, the brothers talked in unison and completed each other individuals’ sentences with these types of regularity we had to transcribe them together.

And that means you’re from Atlanta?

Yeah, we found myself in area these days, but we were in Toronto [for the movie festival].

Spring Breakers

is actually remarkable. It really is next-level crap. Thus is it possible to create a write-up about you?

We’ll see. You’re
interviewed for



Yeah, and Terry Richardson photographed you. It actually was dope.

Did he move you to do just about anything insane? He is always wanting to push the package.

Naturally. We pushed


envelopes. We were like, why don’t we get gnarlier. He was likely to reach the accommodation with a bunch of product girls, but he has got this actually conventional girlfriend now and she has him on a tight leash. Thus yeah, their woman had been tripping. We introduced a big butt bottle of gray Goose, but Terry is sober as shit, as well as the staff happened to be like you cannot drink that around him. We’re like, oh whatever, Terry is Terry, the guy does not offer a fuck. So we’d get outside the house for a smoke in which he happens and it is like, ‘Smoke around, drink in, Really don’t offer a fuck, let’s do this.’ So the stylist had two assistants together and another of those was fairly lovely therefore we’re asking Terry are we able to gang abreast of their? We had been like, arrive over right here to get naked.

Okay, pressing the package.

We desired to get gnarlier. Do you see all of our


meeting yet?
Seem, all of our name’s on cover

Amazing. How can you feel about it?

We’re stoked about it. Look at this shit. There are many people in this shit.


Analyzing magazine.

] Aw, absolutely baby photographs.

Yeah, the audience is usually together. We were involved to a lady together. A


design, we practically married their. [

Flips through mag.

] Double-page spread. That is the fantasy. We display every thing. Even local girls tonight I will be in identical bed, but you will have some girl at the center. Maybe it will be you.


You never know. Its early in the night there’s some drugs to be completed.

Hmm, I’m nevertheless planning choose ‘no’ thereon one. In any event, what’s subsequent individually dudes?

We are creating an HBO tv show with Harmony [Korine,

Spring Breakers

director] about crap.

Are you able to be much more particular?

Its an HBO program.

Yes, that component we realized.

It’s, like, kind of documentary-style about our very own life. 1 / 2 truth, half scripted.



Exactly. Except gnarlier. You know how real life demonstrates merely wont program individuals screwing? Well, we’re going to demonstrate that. We’re going to indicate to us screwing bitches. We exploited ladies — people are going to detest you. We are moving to L.A., to your Hollywood Hills. We are going to get a huge million-dollar initial offer. We are going to be all Bieber style.

Wow, I happened to be perhaps not wanting that contrast.

But except gnarlier, as with intercourse tapes. We’re going to be huge. Once you see you next we’re going to be like, ‘which the fuck are you presently? Safety!’ Nah, only joking. Is it possible to get people to follow our very own Instagram? It really is ATLtwins, and all of our Twitter is
. We’d to alter our very own Instagram profile like twenty times because people held forbidding united states. Selena Gomez’s followers happened to be flagging united states.

Tell me about employing this lady?

She was cool. She knew we were insane as shit, but she was cool. We talked to Bieber about telephone. We spoken of skateboarding.

Have you got a straightforward time obtaining ladies?

We have nine-inch dicks.

Well, I’m going to think they don’t really know that when they fulfill you. What is your own collection action?

We’re lovely as crap.